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Identity project

Sculpture - installation

This project that I have done in the first section of my master research, it describe the symbol of my artistic identity.


The unthankfulness


ink pen on paper

psychological prison


Those two studies are the first seeds of long term project talks about the psychological prison which the people are in because of : Community, governments, partner, or by self.  
I have done till now 13 studies for this project.

people are equals.jpg

From my Note


the begging of creating my own visual Language, after having concentration problem.

Onze hand

2017 Solo Exhibition

Acrylic on canvas, made to show people how much the workers works hard to make the life better, and also I made it to let them feel happy.

onze hand.jpg
digital paint 2.jpg

Digital studies


painted on cheap and slow tablet using a finger not pen

Present Prison

2013 - 2019

This digital painting made on ipad pro 11, it describe the status of felling in prison .
the pencil study made in 2013, and after six years I coloured it .

digital paint 3.jpg



Acrylic on wood
Water colours  -   Ink pen on paper

Over the wall

Meppel - Hoogeveen 2015-2016

over de muur.jpg
over de muur2.jpg

Over the wall 2


you can visit contact me to make a new over the wall exhibition, feel free to call or email.

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