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Mahmoud Alnahas

Master Artist Educator


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From the responsibility as an artist educator and change maker, I have started develop and sharpen my researching skills and my observations ability to answer my questions, and reflect the answers I have got from the master study at Artez IMAE on the reality. How I could change the fixed education system which is mould the students in one format from the perspective of the system creators or by the teacher. I see the change could have a good start by starting from the art education because I see it as the most sensitive part in the education because it is describe the student thinking process and the impression about the surrounding environment. As first step to take out brick stone from the wall which is between the student and Freedom of expression and artistic production, I decided to find a way to enable children to create their own art projects


my passion

‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child.’
Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s quote tells us something about the importance of thinking like a child. But are
children allowed to think?
I want to be an educator who challenges the fixed way of teaching that makes the teacher
mould the child into what he or she wants. The Brazilian educator, Paulo Friere calls this a
‘banking pedagogy.’ Freire (1970). I see this as the teacher telling the child what to think and
how to act. Whereas, as an arts educator, I want to create the possibility that each and every
child can speak for themselves through the art they make. This is the most important part of
my arts educational practice.
There is a need to make changes in the arts education system: a system that limits the
artistic experience of children. I think that there is an artist inside every human being – be
that child or an adult. This is what artist educator Joseph Beuys talks about when he says
everyone is an artist.’ Tisdale (1979)

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"I do not search, I find"

Mahmoud Majdal

Syrian Artist who have been killed - Summer 2017


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